How can I attend a show?

You can apply to attend a show in the city of your choice subscribing directly to the event from the web site. If is a paid event, once you have bought your ticket you will receive the secret address 3 days before the event. If is a “free” event once you’ve applied to attend an upcoming Belfiore 9, your name will be entered into a draw, from which our local teams will select their guests. Our team works hard to make sure everyone who applies has the chance to attend a Belfiore 9, so if you’re not chosen, please apply again!


How much are tickets to a Belfiore 9 event?

It depends on the event. We currently have two different pay structures:

  • Fixed-price tickets:

Tickets are $5-15. All ticket costs are per person. Please check the event’s details for specific price details.

  • Pass the hat:

In a lot of our events, audiences do not pay beforehand, but are encouraged to make a cash contribution at the show.

Please check your local city event pages to learn their payment structure.


I can no longer make the show. Can I transfer my tickets?

Yes! You can transfer your tickets to a friend, please contact us with this request and your friend’s name and email at least 48 hours prior to the show.


I can no longer make the show. Can I get a refund?

Belfiore 9 can only offer refunds if the show has been canceled or rescheduled. We are unable to offer refunds under any other circumstances. Please check the date, time and location before booking to make sure you can attend the event!


How is my payment taken?

Payment is processed securely through Stripe or PayPal.

How can I perform at Belfiore 9?

If you’re an artist interested in perform at Belfiore 9, you can submit your material (“contact us” section)  Your application will go directly to the team in the city you’ve requested to perform. If it feels like a good fit, that team will get in touch to book your first Belfiore 9 show.


Can I sell my merch?

Of course! We want to help promote you. We’ll help you set up and sell your merch at your Belfiore 9 event and the MC for the evening will draw attention to your merch during their introduction. You keep 100 percent of your sales.


Can I perform more than once?

Of course! In many of our Belfiore 9 cities the artist can repeat the performance in other Belfiore 9 events.


Can I perform in more than one city?

Definitely! Belfiore 9 promotes the possibility of the artist to perform in different cities, contact de Belfiore 9 team of your city and indicate in which other cities you would like to bring your art, they’ll put you in contact with the local team.

How can I host a Belfiore 9?

It’s easy! Apply on our website. We’ll just need to know what city and neighborhood you live in, and how many people you think your space can hold. You’ll hear back from someone from your local team for a feedback.


Can I invite my friends?

Of course! We always reserve a few spots for the host to invite guests. We will discuss this number with you during your application.


Will my house be safe?

Belfiore 9  and its audiences are respectful toward hosts and their spaces. Our team will be on hand to run the show and clean up afterward. All you need to do is provide the space!

How do I join my local Belfiore 9  team?

We’re always looking for new people to help put on Belfiore 9 around the world. If you’re passionate about art, in-the-know about emerging artists, know of interesting spaces in your city or just want to meet cool people, get in touch!


I want to bring Belfiore 9 to my city!

Contact us to learn more about starting Belfiore 9 in your neighborhood!